New Album out in June 2021. "Submersion Therapy" is the first new album for many years and is now available in limited edition lathe cut vinyl, CD and cassette via our Bandcamp page

The album has been described as 

"It's an absolute corker. A really substantially good record". X Minus One Radio Show, 13 June 2021.

“It’s a cracking album”. The Home Brew Electronica Show 17 June 2021.

A minimal synth, lo-fi or cold wave project emerging from the post punk period of 1980. Using low cost synths and recording equipment and  a DIY attitude, produced and self released 3 cassette collections on own label between 1981 and 84. These collections have been remastered and reissued. Now Negative Response is once again creating songs still with the original DIY attitude.

"Negative Responses’ want for utilizing analogue electronics and an austere dusted experimental home production, locates them on a sound spectrum, these days more commonly referred as cold war or cold wave isolationism. "  - The Sunday Experience (Oct 2018).

"Very John Bender-esque minimal wave pop primitivism c. 1981-1984. Check for the naggingly funky and freaky jag of ‘Utopia’! - Records , on "Oblique Angles".

"This is lo-fi proto-electro-pop with live bass and slightly Joy Division-esque twang guitar over lightweight drum machine patterns and squelchy, playful, Eno-esque analogue electronic wobbliness." -Stuart Bruce,Chain D.L.K. on "Oblique Angles".